One Ocean Expeditions.

Director, Producer, and Writer. I was also the Story Producer and Researcher. One Ocean Expeditions is a global expedition company. I chose to do this in a television documentary style, priming the company’s Managing Director with questions for an interview, so I could use him as the narrator. We shot everything except the wildlife footage which the client supplied. This is one of a suite of three videos I created for them from this shoot.

Television Reel

Series Writer, Story Producer, and Researcher. Available upon request. My reel contains outtakes from episodes of a television series I was a writer on for the Discovery Channel, at Arcadia Entertainment. I also did the voiceover on the reel (taken from the scratch audio).

Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Dalhousie - SMU Hockey Promo Video. This video garnered 3,600 views in four days and resulted in a 16x increase in attendance at the hockey game it was promoting, compared to usual attendance. It also trended locally on Twitter. We can create a story and video about your sale, event, etc. that gathers attention for it.

Director, Editor

Davis Pier Consulting. Holiday Greeting Videos for Social Media.

Director, Producer, screenwriter

Dalhousie University promo video for their Canadian Men's University Basketball Championship game. We were unable to measure results because the Cdn. championships hadn't been hosted in Hfx. for many years so we had no baseline for comparison. This video had 7500 views in the six days prior, and the number of people in attendance cheering for Dal was excellent. If there is something special you want to highlight, we can write a story about that. 

Screenwriting for Buoy Marketing and Production

On this project I worked as a screenwriter with Don Veinish at Buoy Marketing and Production. This motion graphic is on the homepage of the Nova Scotia Real Estate Appraisers Association's (NSREAA) new website. Since the video's launch, the corresponding national organization has adopted the video for use on their site, in French and English versions.  The objective of the video is to encourage site visitors to click through to the list of appraisers, and then connect with an appraiser directly.  Animation is a popular tool for business today and there are a variety of types. Together we can choose the type that best supports the story you decide to tell. 

content creator

Dalhousie Alumni Awards Nomination Promotion. This image was used on social media to solicit nominations for the Dalhousie Alumni Awards from Dal students. The awards had virtually no profile with students previously. The ad was successful in generating a winning nomination from a student.  I conceived of the 'reveal your Dal hero" idea and oversaw selection and editing of the image.