In my time as a director and Associate director in the not-for-profit and university sectors, i maintained excellent relationships with as many as 18 boards and committees simultaneously.

I'd be more than happy to dicuss working with you, your team, or organization.   




Dalhousie - Smu Hockey Promo Video

I wrote, co-directed and produced this video. It garnered 3,600 views in four days, trended locally on Twitter, and resulted in a 16x increase in attendance at the hockey game it was promoting. 

Canadian Men's university Basketball Championships

I wrote, co-directed and produced this video. It was launched on Feb. 24th, 2017, and in six days had at least 7,500 views (Dalhousie Facebook and YouTube).

Screenwriting for Buoy Marketing and Production

On this project I worked as a screenwriter with Don Veinish at Buoy Marketing and Production. This animation was intended for the NSREEA website. The objective of the video is to encourage site visitors to click through to the appraisers page, and from there connect with an appraiser directly.  


Dalhousie Alumni Awards Nominee Solicitation

This image was content for a social media campaign targeting Dalhousie students. The objective was to solicit nominations for the Dalhousie Alumni Awards from current students. The awards had virtually no profile with students previously. The ad was successful in generating a winning nomination from a student.  I conceived of the 'reveal your Dal hero" idea and oversaw selection and editing of the image.