To differentiate yourself from your competition online, consider engaging your customers with video and content that surprises, moves, or entertains them.


Bill Chernin - Screenwriter, Producer, Content Creator

MERGING CREATIVE, FILM INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE WITH STRATEGIC, COMMUNITY-ENGAGEMENT and Fundraising experience, TO create VIDEO and content for business THAT captures and holds CUSTOMER attention while delivering on strategy.

Bill Chernin’s creativity is endless! He has a keen sense of what a client is looking for and is able to translate that into compelling story telling, including visual interpretations, that capture the audience’s attention. More importantly, his videos include a call to action built into the story line. He is able to create an emotional response in the viewers mind that results in the desired behavior or outcome. He is a pleasure to work with and brings a wonderful sense of humour to each project. I highly recommend Bill for his professionalism and creativity. Please watch the Dalhousie - SMU Hockey Promo Video and Dalhousie University promo video for the Canadian Men’s University Basketball Championship game as examples
— — Sheila Blair-Reid, Assistant Vice-President, Alumni and External Engagement, Dalhousie University

The Environment:

There are Billions of Video Views Online, Everyday. And Growing. To assist in achieving success, I focus on two essentials:  

1. Integrating your Objective:  To the skilled hand, your objective will be the idea around which your story is written.  Every detail - watched, listened to, and read, should further your story. Great scripts have strong themes and imagery. Great movies align every element. 

2. Capturing your Audience's Attention:  In a time when there has never been more media options or channels, the audience's attention has to be earned. My preferred solution is to surprise an audience: move or entertain them. First, get noticed and hold your audience, then deliver your message. 



  • screenwriting

  • video production

  • content creation 

  • ideation.

  • collaboration.