WHY: Use as your main holiday greeting or as a supplement. Reach beyond your existing clients and reach new business or those you forgotten or couldn’t include. Acknowledge your patrons, customers, tenants, or clients. Share it with friends and family. Show your spirit and promote your product or service.  Tailor made for online sharing and priced affordably. Send a 15 second video to your email list, feature on your site, post on social media, and experiment with boosting your post if you haven’t already

HOW: You provide your logo, we’ll discuss copy, and you’ll receive a video ready for sharing. Review the samples below to see what’s possible and we’ll discuss. The templates are industry neutral.

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Magic Tree.

Magical and uplifting. The full effect is triumphant and celebratory. Any type of business can use this, big or small.

Gold Curtain

Striking and elegant, warm and inviting. Certain to be noticed in a social media feed.


Good natured and well intended. Sincere and hospitable.

Snow Flakes

Playful and stylish, it celebrates the season.

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