Initially, Lake William Films had a single purpose, as a friend-raising project promoting adult-dreamer Bill Chernin's film-making aspirations. 

"Friend-raising" is networking with people you know, to connect with the people they know, for the purpose of realizing an objective. My objective is to make movies or television.  

The Idea

We all know someone in the movie industry, or we know someone who knows somebody, whether we're aware of these connections or not. By sharing and re-posting my updates, you can help me gain profile with these people, one degree of separation at a time. Then, when I’m announcing I have scripts to pitch, they can decide based on what they've seen of me if they want to hear my pitch and connect directly. 

My ask

What I'm asking you to do is share what I'm doing on your social media or network.  By doing this you're performing the essential task of allowing me the possibility to gain profile among your friends. Eventually, this is what will enable me to connect with people in the film and television industry, one degree-of-separation at a time. Enjoy my journey and watch what transpires with my dream.

Change of Plans

The above is going well, but when I lost my regular job I modified my plan. Even while HR was laying me off I knew, this was my big break. I spoke with my family, they supported me, and I took my freedom and ran with it. Since June 2018, Lake William Films has had a second purpose: It has also become my business. I used the scripts I’ve written to get hired for my first professional screenwriting job, as a writer on three episodes of television for the Discovery Channel. I was recently awarded a grant to make one of my scripts into a short film. And I’m working with businesses to tell their stories and engage their customers. And all this while I’m working on movie scripts and television series ideas.

How you can help

follow or like my social


a little more background

family shot_Sable Island.jpg

THOSE of you who know me may remember that I never really slid seamlessly into the usual grooves that life provided. I'm not complaining. I like me and my life is good! What I've realized though, and I'm not complaining about this either, is that I could not give up on my dream of making movies and television. I tried. It made me unhappy. So I decided not to give up. I decided to re-embrace my dream, despite my age, and regardless of the challenges and the odds.  

why "Lake William" films?

photo by Ben Gaum

photo by Ben Gaum

Previously, Lake William was the place where I had some of the formative creative experiences of my life.

When I write now, I imagine an audience of campers and colleagues from my past, with whom I laughed, listened, learned, and shared silly and sometimes serious summers.

Lake William Films is where I hope to connect with the people of my past, my current friends and associates, and film professionals of today and tomorrow. 

I invite you to join me in this collaboration to make films and television. Put a paddle in the water, invite your friends, and follow me….